Scott Olsen
Scott Olsen gave his first interview recently. Scott Olsen/Google+

Scott Olsen, the Iraq War veteran who was severely injured in a Occupy Oakland protest in October, has been discharged from the hospital and is back home.

Oslen was rushed to the hospital on Oct. 25 during a clash between protestors and police. While demonstrating against Oakland's decisions to evict the protestors living near city hall plaza, police fired tear gas canisters and flash-bang grenades at the protestors, hitting Olsen in the head.

He suffered from a fractured skull, brain swelling and had trouble speaking as a result of the event.

I'm feeling a lot better, with a long road in front of me. After my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me, my speech is coming back but I've got a lot of work to do with rehab. Thank you for all your support, it has meant the world to me. You'll be hearing more from me in the near future and soon enough we'll see you in our streets! Olsen said in his first statement since the incident.

The Google+ posting immediately received over 1,000 +1s, 600 shares and nearly 500 comments from well-wishers.

Oakland police chief Howard Jordan has opened an investigation into the incident, but has yet to reveal any details. Video of the event shows Olsen already injured and lying on the group when a group of protestors rush to his aid. When they get to him, an officer in riot gear tosses a flash-bang directly into the group, sending them screaming in every direction.

Eventually, the Occupiers get a hold of Olsen and carry him to safety.

The irony is not lost on anyone here that this is someone who survived two tours in Iraq and is now seriously injured by the Oakland police force, Olsen's friend, Adele Carpenter, told Reuters after the incident.

The 24-year-old Olsen is a former U.S. Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq. Olsen is determine to return to the Occupy Oakland protest camp once he is able.