11-year-old Sebastien De La Cruz sings "The National Anthem" at Game 3 of the NBA Finals. He faced several racist Twitter messages following the performance but returned to sing the anthem again for the opening of Game 4. Video Screencap

Sebastien De La Cruz and his mariachi suit made a triumphant return to the NBA Finals center court for another performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" -- another glowing rendition that hopefully cooled the fingers of any remaining online haters.

Following his performance of the anthem before Tuesday's Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the 11-year-old and former "America's Got Talent" semifinalist faced a flurry of racist tweets about his performance.

De La Cruz wasn't initially supposed to sing the anthem, but was a last minute replacement when Darius Rucker was unable to arrive to the venue before the game's start, reports NBC Latino.

Though most viewers were more than impressed with the little star's vocals, a few Twitter users felt it necessary to attack him with messages regarding their disappointment in a Mexican-American singing the country's anthem.

Public Shaming rounded up several of the hateful messages, which included user @wadden23 asking, "what's up with this little Mexican kid singin the national anthem at the heat game." His account has sense been suspended.

Unshaken by the backlash, the "boy with the golden voice" took to his Twitter account to speak out against the negativity on Wednesday night.

Speaking to NBC Latino, De La Cruz said he will remain positive no matter what hateful things are thrown his way.

“I knew that one day when I sing, people were going to judge me,” said Sebastien. “And that’s why, over the time that I have grown, you don’t really care about what people say about you. It’s about what you think about yourself.”

He also thanked his parents for raising him to be open-minded and respectful to everyone.

"To be honest, it's just the people how they were raised. My father and my mother told me that you should never judge people by how they look," he said during a news conference on Wednesday. "You should judge them on the inside. And the saying that I go by is never judge a book by its cover."

Following his performance on Thursday night, viewers were once again praising the skills of the little powerhouse. He even received a handshake from the head coaches of both the Spurs and the Heat.

You can watch his performance from Tuesday night's game below.