U.S. Secret Service Agent suspended
U.S. Secret Service officers stand watch as President Barack Obama returns to the White House on Oct. 14, 2014. Jim Watson/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

A U.S. Secret Service officer was arrested Friday and will be charged by Washington, D.C., police with a misdemeanor count of property destruction, CNN reports. The officer, who is part of the Secret Service's uniformed division, has been placed on administrative leave and has had his security clearance suspended by the agency's new director, Joseph Clancy.

Details of the property that was allegedly destroyed or how it was destroyed have not been released, nor has the officer's name been disclosed. News of the arrest comes just days after details of an alleged sexual assault surfaced from within the agency. The Washington Post reported that a senior supervisor has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances at a party March 31. The accused, Xavier Morales, was placed on indefinite leave.

The Secret Service has been the subject of a number of embarrassing mishaps over the last two years, including an incident in September 2014 when a man armed with a knife was able to enter the White House before being apprehended. In March, two agents were placed under investigation after crashing into White House barricades.

Not long after the September breach, Joseph Clancy was brought in to replace Julia Pierson as director. When he was appointed in February he said he would end the agency’s fumbles and “regain the trust of the American people.”

One of his first decisions was to promote Morales, who was celebrating his own promotion to head of the Secret Service’s field officer in Louisville, Kentucky, when the alleged assault took place.