“Secrets and Lies” fans received some good news Thursday night – the ABC crime drama was renewed for a second season. After impressive ratings for the finale, the network decided to pick up the series for another season. However, the sophomore year is coming with some big changes – an almost completely new cast.

We hope that viewers didn’t become too attached to Ben (Ryan Phillippe), Dave (Dan Fogler), Jess (Natalie Martinez) and Natalie (Indiana Evans) because the dysfunctional Crawford family and their friends will not be appearing in Season 2 of “Secrets and Lies.” According to Deadline, the only star that will be reprising their role is Juliette Lewis. The actress portrayed Andrea Cornell in Season 1, a detective set on uncovering the truth behind the murder of Tom Murphy (Aiden Malik). She'll be investigating an all new crime in Season 2.

Season 1 of the ABC drama focused on Detective Cornell as she discovered more clues about the murder and put the pieces together. Although she initially suspected Ben to be the killer, she ultimately discovered that it was his young daughter, Abby (Belle Shouse). Unfortunately her discovery came a little too late. In the season finale, Ben confessed to the murder in order to protect Abby. Despite knowing that he was innocent, Detective Cornell didn’t have enough evidence to pin the crime on his daughter. With a confession recorded and pressure from the DA, she was forced to arrest Ben for the murder of Tom.

An online video, titled “Cornell: Confidential: 14 Months Later,” wrapped up the story of Tom’s murder. Ben somehow died in prison, and his older daughter Natalie told the detective that she was willing to come forward with information to clear his name. Although it seemed like there was more story to tell with Abby, it doesn’t look like fans will be getting any more answers on that crime. Season 2 will bring on a new cast for a brand new case. Fingers crossed the mysterious backstory of Detective Cornell’s criminal daughter continues to play out.