“Secrets and Lies” fans have some good news … and bad news. Currently the fate of the ABC drama is up in the air, with no word of a cancellation or renewal. However, the Season 1 finale did end on a high note with ratings. Episode 10 pulled in a series best of 6.4 million total viewers and a 1.7 rating. This could bode well for a Season 2 pickup … but one character definitely won’t be returning.

As we previously reported, an online video posted after the finale updated fans on life 14 months after Ben (Ryan Phillippe) was locked up for the murder of Tom (Aiden Malik). Viewers got to see Ben’s family and Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) … but Ben was noticeably missing. Detective Cornell approached Ben’s oldest daughter, Natalie (Indiana Evans), on her 18th birthday. She wanted her help in clearing Ben’s name and convicting Abby (Belle Shouse), the real killer, of the crime. Natalie agreed … because her father was “gone.”

When “Secrets and Lies” fans last saw Ben in the finale, he was inside alive and inside a jail cell. So, what happened between those final moments and the 14 month time jump in the online video? Unfortunately the answer is not revealed. They don’t acknowledge when or how Ben died – only that he’s no longer with them. Ryan Phillippe confirmed on Twitter that he wouldn’t be returning if the show got picked up for a second season by ABC:

Writing off Phillippe’s character doesn’t mean that there is no hope for the series though. TV Line reports that an executive producer on the series explained in January that future seasons would include Detective Cornell, but revolve around different mysteries. And Detective Cornell has a mystery of her that needs to be solved – her daughter. “Secrets and Lies” fans know that her daughter, like Abby, killed someone. However there is more to the story than what’s been revealed.

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