After 10 explosive episodes, ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” came to a close Sunday night. Viewers were left with a shocking ending as they finally discovered who really killed Tom (Aiden Malik). But one mystery remains: Will the drama get renewed?

Unfortunately, that answer is still up in the air. Although the ABC series started off with more than 6 million viewers, the numbers have slowly declined. But there is some consolation if the series doesn’t get picked up for a second season. A video was released online to give viewers some closure.

For those who missed the finale, it was finally revealed that Jess (Natalie Martinez) was innocent in the murder of her son, Tom. Although Ben (Ryan Phillippe) was certain that his mentally unstable mistress was responsible for Tom’s death – especially after she tried to claim that he raped her – the real killer ended up being in his own home. After finding a pair of bloody sneakers under the house, Abby (Belle Shouse) confessed to her father that she had accidentally killed Tom. According to the 12-year-old girl, she had been trying to help Tom get his dad back by pretending to have him run away. But Tom got scared and wanted to return home after dropping one of his toy trucks on the ground. Abby said she was trying to convince him to stay when she accidentally knocked him out with Ben’s flashlight. She continued that she went to get help after she realized how much Tom was bleeding, but that Ben found him that morning before she could say anything to anyone.

Not wanting to lose Abby, Ben burned the bloody sneakers and had his ex-wife Christy (KaDee Strickland) leave town with his daughter. But his oldest daughter, Natalie (Indiana Evans) wouldn’t run. She knew what they were doing was wrong, and didn’t want to be a part of it. To protect his family, Ben turned himself in to the police and reworked Abby’s story into his own. Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) tried to convince him to tell the truth about Abby, explaining that the sob story his daughter told him was far from the truth. But Ben couldn’t believe that his daughter could do something that cruel on purpose. The series finale of “Secrets and Lies” concluded with Ben getting locked up for the crime and the DA pursuing charges – despite Detective Cornell’s protests.

In an online video titled “Cornell: Confidential: 14 Months Later,” fans of the ABC drama get an update on life after Ben’s arrest. It’s Natalie’s 18th birthday and she’s out celebrating with her dad’s best friend, Dave (Dan Fogler). Their celebration gets cut short when Detective Cornell walks in. Knowing that Natalie is now an adult, Detective Cornell asks the teen to finally speak out and clear the name of her dead father – that’s right, Ben seemingly died while in prison.

Cornell tells Natalie that Ben’s “gone now” and that he was trying to protect Abby when he should have been protecting other children from her. Dave asks if Abby did something else, but Cornell assures him nothing else happened … yet.

“I want to clear my father’s name,” Natalie tells Cornell. “Can you help me with that?”

The detective agrees and Natalie promises to testify that she heard Abby admit to killing Tom. But the video doesn’t end with a trial. The clip concludes with Christy and Abby walking along happily … until they spot Detective Cornell on a park bench waiting for them.

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