A San Diego man's attempt to take a selfie with a rattle snake turned into a nightmare. Reuters

Todd Fassler of San Diego nearly died because he tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake. The snake bite reportedly left the man with some serious injuries and a medical bill of $150,000.

The Mirror reported as Fassler picked up the venomous snake from a bush and tried to take a perfect shot, he was bitten. His arm turned purple. Fassler has had kept the rattlesnake as a pet for a year. However, he has decided to set it free following the attack.

"My whole body was shaking and gyrating," he said. "He literally paralyzed my whole body," Fassler said in a statement. “My tongue was like out of my mouth, my eyes were off to the side."

Doctors used two bottles of antivenin. The hospitalization and treatment bill shared by KGTV, San Diego, on Twitter indicated Fassler's hospital bill at discharge amounted to $153,000. The antivenin, which used the supply of two hospitals, cost $83,000.