With a number of protests targeting the ruling party in Russia and alleging them of election fraud, the past few months have been less than smooth for the Russians.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have been struggling to contain widespread demonstrations following scathing reports by foreign observers undermining the validity of the recent Parliament elections.

Whatever the case may be, the F-word is probably the last thing one would expect to appear in the Twitterfeed of a top international leader, in this case President Medvedev.

Medvedev's Twitter shocker reads: It has become clear that if a person writes the expression 'party of swindlers and thieves' in their blog then they are a stupid sheep getting f****d in the mouth :)

According to a Reuters report, the Twitter handle @MedvedevRussia modified the post at 33 minutes past midnight, on Wednesday. The tweet was deleted soon after.

Party of swindlers and thieves is a phrase used by the opposition and coined by anti-Putin blogger Alexei Navalny, to describe Medvedev's ruling party.

The Kremlin issued a statement admitting that an improper tweet had appeared on Medvedev's account and claimed an unidentified official had interfered with the feed.

The guilty will be punished, the statement said.

The Russian media ran hilarious headlines, such as: Medvedev loses control of his own Twitter, while the Twitterverse expressed shock over reading such a tweet from the Russian chief.