NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - CBS Corp.'s Showtime will keep current, original series off Netflix's streaming video service when a current deal expires this summer.

The change, part of a new arrangement, means no Dexter or Californication episodes from previous seasons will be available on Netflix, as had been the case under the current arrangement which covered the first two seasons of the shows.

Episodes of current originals will be on Showtime's authenticated broadband service, Showtime Anytime.

The new Showtime-Netflix deal will include the streaming of shows that are no longer on Showtime, such as The Tudors and Sleeper Cell, which previously was not on Netflix.

Current and past seasons of our original series will be available to our authenticated subscribers via our TV Everywhere service Showtime Anytime, a Showtime spokesperson said. A number of Showtime original series will continue to be available and stream on Netflix, including 'The Tudors' and 'Sleeper Cell,' among others.

The rejigged content agreement comes after CBS and Netflix recently struck a deal that also gives the latter the rights to stream such library shows as Star Trek, Family Ties, Cheers and Frasier, but does not include current series.

Netflix, meanwhile, has moved into premium networks' turf with the acquisition of 26 episodes of drama House of Cards.