Siemens, the German corporate giant, denied Sunday allegations by an Iranian lawmaker that it planted explosives in equipment sold to Iran for its nuclear program.

"Siemens does not have any business ties with Iran's nuclear program and does not supply any technical equipment for it," a spokesman for the Munich-based multinational company said in a statement reported by Reuters.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian Parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, said Saturday that intelligence and security officials had detected explosive material inside devices supplied for Iran's nuclear activities.

"It was planned that these devices would explode once used and damage all of our systems, but in the end with the knowledge of our experts, this enemy conspiracy was foiled," Boroujerdi was quoted as saying by ICANA, Iran's parliamentary news agency. "The Siemens company must be held accountable for its actions."

Iran has previously accused Israel and Western governments of attempting to sabotage its atomic program by assassinating nuclear scientists and planting computer viruses.

Tehran says it is developing nuclear energy in order to generate electricity, and denies Western accusations it is bent on acquiring atomic bombs.