First Take co-host Skip Bayless constantly trends on Twitter for the controversial opinions he espouses on the ESPN show.

Why is everyone talking about Bayless right now? ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose called out Bayless for the commentator's horrid performance as a high school basketball player. Bayless embellished his career at Northwest Classen High School and Rose, a former NBA player, pointed out Bayless averaged 1.4 points in high school as a senior.

Bayless has always been a source of controversy, but never on a personal level. Here are five outlandish things Bayless has said for the sake of stirring the pot (or it could just be his honest opinion, but going with the mainstream never makes for good TV.

1. Tim Tebow

Bayless has been a fervent backer of Tim Tebow, the winning but inaccurate quarterback who is backing up Mark Sanchez for the New York Jets this year.

There's no doubting Tebow was a winner with the Denver Broncos, but it's hard to argue it was all because of the quarterback. Denver had a stingy defense that helped them get come-from-behind wins last year.

Yet Bayless has continually made that argument.

Remember, Tebow took over team 7-24 in last 31 - NFL worst over that stretch and made 7-of-8 miracles. NFL's best late-game QBR. Went 8-5, Bayless tweeted on March 19.

2. Vince Young

Bayless argued Vince Young is a better quarterback than Michael Vick, who he called overhyped.

I've been consistent w/ this for 4 years: I think VYoung a little better QB than MVick, whose very good but now a little overhyped, Bayless tweeted back on August 23.

3. Andrew Bynum

Bayless thinks the Lakers forward means more to a team than Magic star Dwight Howard. It's hard to argue the Magic would make the playoffs without Superman. Not for Bayless.

I've been saying for weeks Andrew Bynum is more valuable than DHoward b/c of offensive skills, chip on shoulder. BUT MUST HARNESS ANGER, Bayless tweeted Saturday.

4. Robert Griffin III

Bayless is one of the few sports pundits out there who believe the Baylor quarterback is a notch above likely No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck of Stanford.

If RG3 is as good as I believe - better than Luck - Redskins did NOT give up too much for him & he will NOT struggle under this pressure, he tweeted March 10.

5. Oklahoma State

Bayless thought Oklahoma state should have been played for college football's national title. Sure, hindsight is 20/20 and Alabama dominated LSU 21-0, but the Crimson Tide and the Tigers played a thrilling 9-6 overtime victory back in November, with LSU coming out on top. It was clear Alabama and LSU were the top two teams in the country, even if they both play in the SEC West.

Oklahoma State got ROBBED. LSU-Alabama AGAIN? SEC bias strikes again (and I attended by far the best school in the SEC.), Bayless tweeted in December, referring to his alma mater, Vanderbilt.