Thanks to young Internet-savvy online communicators, social media skills will just become expected communication competencies. Reuters

Today, social media websites, such as Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Instagram play a significant role in marketing a company’s products and services, leading many companies to hire specialists to manage marketing outreach on such websites.

All of that's going to change, a new study says, and positions exclusively devoted to feeding the social media beasts will be a thing of the past. According to a study by Workopolis, while a social media expert could be a major contributor in generating revenues for a company these days, the position will be extinct within the next 10 years.

“Soon a generation of young professionals who’ve grown up with Twitter and Facebook as part of their daily lives will be entering the job market,” the study said. “With this glut of savvy young online communicators looking for work, social media skills will just become expected communication competencies, like reading and writing, rather than unique areas of expertise.”

The study suggested that today’s generation is so engrossed in social media that employers will not consider proficiency in the field as a stand-out qualification.

Here are 10 jobs, which the report says, will be gone within the next decade:

- Social Media Expert

- Taxi Dispatcher

- Toll Booth Operator

- Retail Cashier

- Word Processor / Typist

- Switchboard Operator

- Photo Finisher

- Postal Worker

- Video Store Clerk

- Print Journalist

In addition, the study also provided lists of five job titles that appeared more frequently in 2013, and five previously common job titles that have been appearing less frequently.

The five fast-growing job titles include financial advisor, representative financial service, field sales representative, sales associate and social worker. On the other hand, the five fast-declining job titles include people greeter, photo laboratory associate, head cashier, data entry clerk and courier.

Check out the infographic here:

Workopolis 2013 research: Ten jobs that will not exist ten years from now. Workopolis