Siri, Do I Have Cancer? NASA Builds Cancer Detecting Mobile Phone Sensor

Cancer Sensing Smartphone
Nanosensor technology could allow for Siri to one day answer this question because NASA has built a cancer detecting mobile phone sensor at the Ames Research facility in California. Ames scientific researcher Jing Li is working on a small chip the size of a nickel that includes 32 of the amazing nanosensors. They are all made of different kinds of materials, and that lets them interact with different chemicals in unique ways.
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Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats Use Heat Sensors to Detect Blood

New research shows that vampire bats, who solely feast on the blood of mammals, have evolved heat sensors in their face in order to detect blood with precision, a mystery left undiscovered until now.

iPhone 5 Features: 8MP camera confirmed as Apple gives sensor order to OmniVision

What features the next iPhone will have is a question that has given rise to a vast range of speculations. Over the last few months several iPhone 5 features were discussed by tech websites and in the blogosphere. Some rumors were supported by image leaks, sources from manufacturing partners while other features were thought based on what competitors offer. DigiTimes has reported that OmniVision will supply about 90 percent of image sensors for the Apple iPhone 5. Sony will get only 10 percent o...
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Sensor mat issue prompts GM Cadillac recall

General Motors Co is recalling 109,000 Cadillac CTS cars worldwide for the model years 2005 to 2007 because a mat under the seat that senses the front passenger could break and disable the front air bag.
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Cell phones that protect against deadly chemicals? Why not?

The revolution of cell phones has been adding much functionality to its use. Its function varies from in-built camera, MP3 player, GPS to online service. What if, in the future, new functions on our cell phones could also protect us from toxic chemicals?
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New skin cancer-prevention device to be introduced soon

A small gadget to measure exposure to ultraviolet radiation, called the UV Dosimeted, invented by Canterbury University computer engineer, Martin Allen could one day be made available to the public as a method to prevent skin cancer.
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ManTech to buy Sensor Technologies for $242 mln

ManTech International Corp (MANT.O) said it agreed to buy privately held Sensor Technologies Inc for $242 million in cash to expand its presence in the high-end defense and intelligence market.
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Japan's Rohm to buy U.S. sensor-maker Kionix

Japanese specialty chipmaker Rohm Co Ltd said on Tuesday that it will buy all the shares of U.S. sensor-maker Kionix Inc for an undisclosed sum in a bid to chase the growing motion sensor business.
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Europe orders more Airbus sensor checks

European safety officials have ordered checks on certain Airbus speed sensors supplied by U.S. manufacturer Goodrich, weeks after clamping down on alternative equipment from France's Thales.
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Air France chief questions sensor role in crash

Air France is not yet convinced that faulty speed sensors were to blame for the loss of one of its planes over the Atlantic, but it is replacing old sensors as a precaution, the airline's chief executive said on Thursday.


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