Watch 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Here

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The spectacular ring of fire solar eclipse is set to take place Sunday night and Monday morning -- depending on location -- visible to the naked eye at only a few sites. For those who cannot witness the event in person, you can enjoy it here.

Japan's Panasonic, maker of business and consumer electronic devices, captured the eclipse live from the top of Japan's Mount Fuji.

The ring of fire gets its name due to the fact that -- unlike a total eclipse, where the moon blocks out the whole sun -- this event is an annular eclipse. Because the moon is near the farthest point from Earth in its orbit, it is too small in the sky to cover the sun's face completely, and it will instead cover enough to leave a ring in the sky.

NASA said that during the course of its 3.5-hour trajectory, the event will cover roughly 13,600 kilometers and 0.74 percent of Earth's surface area, as noted here.