Some Burger King restaurants are reducing the number of chicken nuggets in customers’ orders to fight rising costs, according to one of the biggest franchise holders.

Carrols Restaurant Group, which operates 14% of Burgers Kings’ 7,000 restaurants in the U.S., told investors Thursday that it has reduced the number of chicken nuggets in meals from 10 pieces to eight to “partially offset inflation,” CNN reported.

Carrols, which owns more than 1,000 restaurants under the Burger King and Popeyes brands, said customers would not be discouraged because the price of the chicken nuggets would remain the same, according to the news outlet.

Burger King announced earlier this week that it was undergoing changes chainwide, eliminating low-volume items from its menu, including sundaes, whipped toppings, and chocolate milk, as well as removing the Whopper from its discount menu, Reuters reported.

The Whopper was previously sold in a two-for-$6 deal.

Carrols also said it plans to increase some menu prices this year, after raising them late last year, CNN said. The franchise owner said thus far, customers haven’t complained about the increases, as the company’s sales rose 7.4% in Q4 2021.

The changes at Burger King come as the chains across the U.S. look to combat increasing food and labor costs. However, it is not the only restaurant chain making cuts to its menu or raising prices to combat inflation.

Domino’s recently reduced the wing count in its $7.99 carryout offer from 10 to eight pieces, while Little Caesars signature Hot-N-Ready pizza’s price was increased to over $5. Chipotle, Starbucks, and McDonald’s have also increased prices on their menus, according to CNN.

Burger King
In this representational image, a picture shows the logo of the U.S. fast-food chain Burger King in Madrid on Aug. 23, 2018. Getty Images/GABRIEL BOUYS