Just when people are thinking the PlayStation network hack was a thing of the past, it has quickly come back to haunt them. A password exploit in the system has prompted the company to shut down the network for patch the security loophole.

According to Nyleveia.com, the password flaw may enable passwords to be reset by inputting the user's email and date of birth. A hack performed on a dummy account revealed this flaw and Sony was contacted immediately. This could pose an opportunity for hackers to breach the network, causing another online attack.

A warning statement was sent out by Nyleveia saying:

I would suggest that you secure your accounts now by creating a completely new email that you will not use ANYWHERE ELSE, and switching your PSN account to use this new email. You risk having your account stolen, when this hack becomes more public, if you do not make sure that your PSN account's email is one that cannot be affiliated with or otherwise traced to you.

Sony has taken part of the network offline in order to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Even though Sony has tried winning back customers by giving away freebie game packages, gamers have been expressing displeasure at the 2nd round of network outages. Some questions Sony's stance on security that even after the recent highly sophisticated hack occurred, it would seem reasonable that a simple vulnerability in the password reset system would have been more secure.

Sony posted a statement saying:

This is due to essential maintenance and at present it is unclear how long this will take.

Correction: The fifth paragraph of the original article said Sony has taken the network offline.... It has been corrected to Sony has taken part of the network offline...