Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines, pictured on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on September 19, 2016 in Phoenix, teamed up with Warner Music Nashville to create a in-air concert experience. Getty Images

Southwest Airlines expanded its partnership with Warner Music Nashville (WMN) to bring music to the airline's amenities roster through the Live at 35 in-air concert series. This deal would allow Southwest Airlines to continue its famed in-flight pop-up shows, Billboard reported Thursday.

“Southwest's Live at 35 concert series remains the same as it has since 2011," Alyssa Eliasen, a press representative for Southwest, told International Business Times Friday. "We will look to partner with Warner Music Nashville artists, along with artists from a variety of relationships, for our ongoing Live at 35 series."

Eliasen added, "The performances will remain as a surprise and delight event for our Customers on select flights throughout the year."

Launched as an experiment in 2011, the music series has become popular among passengers who are eager to see if their flight will be selected to view a free musical performance. Atlantic Records/WMN country artist Devin Dawson kicked off the new feature for passengers on a flight leaving Nashville for Philadelphia Sunday.

Dawson performed his debut single "All On Me," alongside a few other songs, for airline passengers to help celebrate WMN designating Southwest as its Airline of Record.

"I checked the "Sing ALL ON ME at 35,000 feet in the air" box off the bucket list. Thank you @SouthwestAir #liveat35," Dawson wrote in a tweet Thursday.

"The Employees of Southwest Airlines are already a part of our extended family," Marieke Bianchi, vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships at WMN, said in a press release issued to IBT. "No airline is more accommodating to our artists' unique needs when traveling, whether it's helping them with their guitars and gear, service animals or frequent schedule changes."

Bianchi added, "We are thrilled to formalize this relationship and continue to develop unique ways to celebrate country music and the fans who support it."

Past performers have included The Strumbellas, NEEDTOBREATHE, The Black Cadillacs and Valerie June.

"At Southwest, we connect in a meaningful way with our Customers and Employees through music," Linda Rutherford, vice president & chief communications officer at Southwest Airlines, said in a press release issued to International Business Times. "With this partnership with Warner Music Nashville, we are excited to continue to offer new music experiences to our Customers, and provide WMN artists and fans our friendly and reliable Customer Service – complete with our promise that bags (and guitars) fly free."

Twitter users responded to the news with mixed feedback. Many users appeared excited for the new amenity to take flight, but there were others who didn't see the need for the entertainment feature.

Some Twitter users echoed the sentiment of one user, who wrote: "so, like, who asked for this??" Other commenters claimed to "love" the new airline feature.