A Southwest Airlines flight bound for Branson Airport landed on a much smaller Missouri runway last month after pilots steered the plane to the wrong airport. Reuters

Flying Southwest will soon come with more perks than just two free checked bags.

Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) has announced it will let passengers view TV for free on their personal devices when flying on the airline's Wi-Fi-enabled planes, reports USA Today.

This addition to their in-flight offerings comes as part of the "TV Flies Free" program, which started on Monday. Through the program, Dish Network (NASDAQ:DISH) provides customers with 14 live TV channels and close to 75 on-demand TV show options. This is available on more than 425 of Southwest's planes.

The content will be available to be streamed on iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and basically any other version of a Wi-Fi- enabled personal device.

"Southwest Airlines continues to innovate and evolve our on-board customer experience," Kevin Krone, chief marketing officer, said in a release. "We started with Wi-Fi and now have expanded to television. This new offer puts free television in the hands of our customers."

This program, which once cost passengers $5, is a direct challenge to carriers like JetBlue Airways and Virgin America. Both airlines offer free TV, but only on screens on the back of plane seats.

As an added bonus, those who sign up for the Dish Hopper Whole Home DVR and programming package will receive 12,5000 frequent flier points from Southwest Airlines as well as the option to receive an iPad 2 in place of one year of Dish programming discounts, reports PC Mag.