Space... the final frontier... is being explored, as are dimensions of space-related adventures. The experience of throwing a ball, while in a zero-gravity state of space, is a rather unique one; jump up to catch a thrown ball and chances are that neither the ball nor the person is likely to float back down soon.

Japanese astronaut, Satoshi Furukawa, best utilized the weightless state in space, when he was sent there as a part of his country's space program. He batted, fielded, pitched and was base flying (hanging in the air to catch the ball) instead of baserunning. You see... to entertain himself in his leisure time, Furukawa attempted to play one-man baseball or, as it could otherwise be called, spaceball.

Apparently, playing without worrying about foul balls or defensive strategy, he played his heart out in outer space, all by himself! Furukawa and two other astronauts have now landed safely on Earth from International Space Station.

Check out the space sport video.
Japanese Astronaut Plays Baseball in Space