Spirit Airlines
A Spirit Airlines employee walks under a plane on the tarmac at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport after striking pilots agreed June 16 to a new contract in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 17, 2010. Getty Images/ Joe Raedle

A Spirit Airlines flight was delayed from taking off from Las Vegas on Saturday when a passenger stripped down to his birthday suit and approached one of the flight attendants.

"He removed his clothes and then approached a flight attendant," McCarran International Airport spokesman Chris Jones told NBC affiliate News 3 Las Vegas. "Metro officers were called and he was given medical attention."

The Oakland-bound flight was delayed by 30 minutes due to the incident and police as well as medical staff were called on board to remove the passenger and keep him under observation. The flight reached its destination 20 minutes after its scheduled time.

It was not immediately clear if the man was charged for indecent exposure on the flight. It has only been reported that he received medical help after he was removed from the plane. Personal details about the man have not been revealed by airport security.

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There have been many passengers in the past who have revealed more skin that they should within the public confines of a plane. In April 2017, a woman sued Delta Airlines for sexual assault. She claimed that the crew present onboard at the time had done nothing to stop the perpetrator, Christopher Finkley, masturbating next to her, who then proceeded to molest her, CBS Local reported.

The lack of action on the part of Delta Airlines was a mistake that was not made by Jet2.com back in May 2015 when a 22-year-old man from Lincolnshire, England, indecently exposed himself in front of the flight attendants. He was not only arrested but also banned for life from availing any of Jet2.com flights in the future.

“We carry millions of families every year so this disgusting behavior will not be tolerated. It is totally unacceptable,” CEO of Jet2.com Steve Heapy said in a statement, Travel Pulse reported. “We pride ourselves on giving our customers a friendly and relaxing flight experience so we will take action against anyone who causes offence and disruption to our crew and passengers.”

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Same year in March, a drunk 46-year-old woman from southwest London was arrested when she “indecently exposed herself” on a British Airways flight, USA Today reported. She was remanded in police custody after the plane landed at the airport. However, the woman was released after a few hours with just a warning for drinking too much.

Even though being a part of the “mile high club” is now considered a privilege for many, doing so while seated among others on the flight is illegal. Alicia Elizabeth Lander learned that lesson Back in January 2017 when she was charged with indecent exposure on an Air Canada flight, National Post reported. Lander was discovered in a compromising position with her partner, by a flight attendant. The couple had covered their laps with a jacket and proceeded to fondle each other beneath the cover.