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Best Business Outsourcing Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Business process outsourcing is growing in popularity among businesses due to the many benefits they can get from it. 

BPO helps companies improve productivity as they can outsource highly-specialized tasks to professionals who have the exact skills, background and experience needed for the particular job. This boosts corporate efficiency as the chances of human error decreases, thus leading the way for higher revenues and a more successful marketing campaign. 

According to a study, the global BPO industry has a market value of $92.5 million and is expected to further increase. This shows that more companies are depending more on BPO firms for their operations despite the higher investment needed. Nonetheless, the capital required can easily be earned back through the numerous income streams made available by the BPO. 

Hence, it is crucial for businesses to invest on a BPO agency to ensure success in their respective industries. 

Here are some of the best business outsourcing companies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Best Business Outsourcing Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Soft Area

Soft Area is a U.S.-based software outsourcing company launched by Softwarium, a company that has been in business for 20 years. The agency offers unparalleled expertise in all aspects of software development.

Founded in 2014, Soft Area is a  product of a software development company based in Ukraine called Softwarium. Now based in Philadelphia and catering to the North American Market, Soft Area enables companies to apply leading-edge solutions through system innovations to secure top positions in the global scene.  

Soft Area is a service-oriented company providing an array of BPO solutions to different clients worldwide, such as customer software development, business analysis, integration business solutions, enterprise content management, data migration, mobile solutions for enterprises, business intelligence and big data solutions, portals as well as private and public cloud solutions. 

The company caters to clients from different industries in Scandinavia, North America and Europe.  

Main Line TeleCommunications

Main Line TeleCommunications provides a live, personal voice in a digital world. Their agents have been with them for seven years on average and have an experience and commitment to quality means better service for every customers.

Main Line Telecommunications is a multi-awarded BPO company based in Philadelphia focusing on inbound customer service calls. They have been a consistent awardee of the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service given by ATSI for the past 14 years. 

The company’s inbound services include 24-hour answering service, after-hours answering service, call overflow and office hours support. They also provide clients full-time and dedicated virtual assistants in their virtual receptionist services. 

This outsourced staffing service aims to provide clients with a mainstay VA catering only to their specific clients’ needs. Main Line Telecommunications serves mainly companies in the trades and services, healthcare and property management sectors.  

VSA Prospecting

VSA Prospecting is a call-center providing business process outsourcing to their clients. Their services include lead generation, cold calling and appointment setting among others.

VSA Prospecting is a contact center founded in 2001 as a small tech startup composed of a group of friends focusing on outbound sales. They explored other telemarketing services and eventually grew the company. 

To date, VSA is a multi-awarded firm with over 100 employees based in New Jersey and Philadelphia. They pride themselves with a high client retention rate of over 90%. Their expertise and services comprise business to business lead generation, list building, market research, appointment setting and a 24/7 call center. 

VSA’s services are focused on the education, healthcare, technology and manufacturing industries. Included in their pipeline for the upcoming years is their planned expansion to retail, finance, energy and government.   

Adept Consulting Services

Adept Consulting Services provides comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective technology services and solutions to Casinos, Government agencies, Fortune 1000 corporations, and mid-market organizations.

Adept Consulting Services provides consulting services focusing on technology-enabled solutions for both the private and public sectors globally.  

Their main services are focused on gaming solutions slot dispatch systems, legal process outsourcing, IT-related offshore solutions and various government services. They cater services in ITIL consulting, project management solutions, facilities management, enterprise data management, service desk & call centers, technology deployments, on-site technical support, custom application development and business and process consulting.  

Adept Consulting Services serves the industries and markets in banking, chemicals, insurance, manufacturing, newsprint, travel, pharma, warehousing, state and local government units.   


Guidehouse offers a range of advisory, consulting, outsourcing and technology services to clients facing transformational change and significant regulatory or legal pressures.

Guidehouse is a provider of consulting services catering to both the private and public sectors. The company currently has over 7,000 employees in more than 50 locations around the globe. Guidehouse is a portfolio company under Veritas Capital that specializes in dealing with traditional and emerging technologies and markets as well as economies.  

They offer their clients services in finance optimization, operational effectiveness, financial crime solutions, portfolio management, strategic development, regulatory compliance, and technology solutions. 

Guidehouse’s industry focus is in commercial and public entities. Their commercial clients are from sectors in finance, healthcare, life sciences, energy, sustainability and infrastructure. Meanwhile, their public industry focus is on defense, national security, public health, state and local governments.  

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