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Best HR Consulting Firms in San Francisco, CA 2021

HR consultancy has come a long way since they have grown to become an integral part of businesses. They provide companies leverage in boosting corporate productivity and improving the efficiency of their workforce through streamlining processes with the help of the agency’s skill set, experience and resources. 

Aside from those, they also provide better satisfaction and training to employees. Due to these benefits, HR consultancy has been the norm for businesses wanting to improve revenue by upgrading their workforce. 

Businesses can also experience higher employee retention as they aren’t fully loaded with tasks as specific and highly-specialized processes are outsourced to the HR firm. This not only boosts corporate revenue, but also creates a better HR strategy guidance.

A study states that the HR consultancy market is valued at $53 billion. Experts believe that this rate will go higher as the demand is increasing. With this, it is vital for businesses to integrate their operations with an HR consulting agency to ensure competitiveness in the industry.

 Here are a few of the best HR consulting firms in San Francisco, California.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in San Francisco, CA 2021


ADVO was founded by Greg Derelian and Peter Katona -- two established actors with Master’s degrees from the Yale School of Drama, who wanted to make an impact on the world. They have translated the most effective principles of performance into a methodology designed to tackle the greatest communication challenges in the world beyond the stage.

AdvoGroup is a people development-focused HR consulting firm located in San Francisco, California. Founded by Greg Derelian and Peter Katona, they made a unique approach that lies in their commitment to delivering purpose, presentation and presence to clients. 

With this, they are looking deeper into the knowledge in people’s nature to enhance their work capabilities, experience and satisfaction. 

The firm offers their expertise in the practice and use of AdvoTools and providing solutions in network, high-impact messaging, strategic planning facilitation, unified communication landscapes, Kinection workshops, cross-functional team development and leadership Kinection. 

The company has been trusted with notable companies like Hyatt Hotels, Genentech Biotechnology, MemorialCare Health System, The California Wellness Foundation, USNR and Whittier Law School and Equality Health.   

Life Theatre Services

Life Theatre Services combines the power of theater with audience interaction to create unforgettable learning experiences. It has partnered with a broad range of organizations to produce trainings that stimulate critical thinking and provide an opportunity for discussion, debate, and a better understanding of the issues.

Life Theatre Services is a people resource company that was founded by Cynthia Cristilli and Molly Goode. Both have degrees and inspiring careers with over 25 years of experience in writing, drama and theatre therapy industry. 

They have accomplishments in their respective field of expertise. Cynthia, as an author, won an Emmy Award in Drama Theatre and Molly, as a professional actress, won an Emmy Award in Life Theatre and Professional Acting.  

The company caters to clients through their live and interactive virtual training. They give service to industries in technology, financial, legal, universities, biotech, community, organizations, hospitality, retail, healthcare, insurance, advertising, utilities and government agencies. With these, part of their training topics is on customized programs, substance abuse, ethics, unconscious bias, conflict and communication.   

OnPoint HR

OnPoint HR connect with and search for, place and coach game-changing leaders in Human Capital, HR, OD and Talent Management. Their partnership and consultative model has helped bring business-first HR professionals into organizations of all shapes, sizes and stages with an agenda of growth, transformation or restructuring.

Established in 2009 by Joshua Endler, OnPoint HR serves as a human resource consulting firm that focuses on management and coaching. The company caters to a wide range of industries including Fortune 50 companies and small to large enterprises. 

They have assisted and partnered with notable companies such as American Express, Bayer, Nike, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Acquis Consulting Group, Museum of Modern Art and Deutsche Bank. Part of the company resources and services are available for interim, full-time or an independent consultant. 

OnPoint HR has senior roles in chief human resource officer, head of total rewards in compensation, HR specialist leaders, chief talent officer, chief culture officer, VP for talent, head of leadership development, head of organizational development, chief learning officer and VP learning and development.  


Emplicity has provided a smarter, more secure and integrated platform of employer services to its 300 business clients and their 8,500 employees. As a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, the California-based HR outsourcing firm simplifies the compliance, administration, and support businesses need in the areas of employee benefits, payroll, and human resources technology.

Emplicity is an HR consulting firm that specializes in providing and supporting human resources operations and distribution. It was founded in 1995 by Vic Tanon. The company is currently providing services to over 300 clients with 8,500 staff.  

With a total of 25 years of experience, the company has earned an honorary award in Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for 7 years in a row from 2008 to 2017. 

They have partnered and worked with top companies like VSP Vision Care for Life, Sterling, AnthemLife, Anthem BlueCross, Kaiser Permanente, MetLife, US Legal Services and Slavic 401K. 

The company provides their client services in nonprofit HR, HR outsourcing, HR consulting and PEO solutions. Their market also extends to technology, manufacturing and real estate.  


People415 is a San Francisco-based Human Resource Consultancy Firm helping companies navigate their growth. They provide a start-up toolkit to get every business on track.

People415 is an HR consulting firm with an experience of more than 20 years in the industry in helping clients build their businesses. They specialize in management and people resources for startups, large enterprises and nonprofit organizations. 

The company covers services in new hire onboarding, compliance, benefits identification, payroll, employer handbook, recruitment, organizational development, competitive compensation solutions, employer brand development, performance management, succession planning and advisory partnership. They also adapted their operations to the new normal by creating a virtual team to engage their clients.  

As an employee-oriented company, they seek people who have the potential to be a part of their team. They are currently seeking an executive director, human resource manager, technical account manager and product engineering manager.   

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