Spurs Mascot
San Antonio Spurs mascot "The Coyote" took a charge from both Denver Nuggets guard Aaron Brooks and an errant basketball on Wednesday night, losing his fake eyes in the process. Reuters

San Antonio Spurs mascot “The Coyote” had an eye-popping encounter with an errant basketball Wednesday night.

The incident occurred during the Spurs’ matchup against the Denver Nuggets, Fox Sports reports. In the fourth quarter, players from both teams pursued a missed shot by Tim Duncan, knocking the basketball out of bounds.

Nuggets guard Aaron Brooks chased after the loose ball, which happened to be on a collision course with The Coyote. The Spurs mascot seemed unaware that both a professional athlete and a basketball were speeding toward him.

The loose ball drilled The Coyote right in the face, knocking him to the floor. When he managed to stumble to his feet, the Spurs mascot’s eyes were missing; they had been knocked off.

The game’s announcers played up the incident, noting that The Coyote had taken a charge from Brooks. The joke was a small consolation to the mascot, whose eye-less body terrified fans for a few seconds. Luckily, the eyes were reattached a few minutes later, and all was right in the world.

The Spurs recovered in similar fashion, rallying from a fourth-quarter deficit to defeat the Nuggets, 108-103.

A video of the Spurs mascot losing his eyes can be viewed below.