NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Spartacus is coming to Facebook, becoming one of the first major TV properties to get a social game.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena will test-launch on Thursday to the first 10,000 fans who register on Facebook. The full public launch is set for January 20, the day before the namesake Spartacus prequel premieres on Starz.

Social media gaming publisher 6waves -- which, with more than 75 million monthly active users, is one of the largest players in the space -- will help Starz launch the game.

Starz hopes the game will engage existing fans -- it already has 750,000 members on the Spartacus Facebook page -- and reach new ones, as well as make money via the sale of virtual goods inside the game.

In a similar recent play, CBS and Ubisoft launched social game CSI: Crime City in October. It had more than 1.9 million monthly users as of Monday.