Andy Gabrielson, a professional storm chaser who featured on The Weather Channel, died after a freak car accident in Oklahoma. He was 24.

After surviving a two-day storm chase in Texas, Gabrielson died in a four-car pile up on the Turner Turnpike in Oklahoma on Saturday.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a white pickup truck was travelling the wrong way on Interstate 44 in Sapulpa and struck Gabrielson's black Chevrolet Tahoe head-on, the Daily Mail reported.

Gabrielson, a father of three, has featured several times on The Weather Channel and accompanied Mike Bettes and his crew on the Tornado Hunt program.

Andy was a new breed of storm chaser that pushed the limits of what any of us thought was possible. He inspired an entire generation of chasers to pursue their passion, Bettes told The Weather Channel.

In an interview with WFAA, the Emmy award-winner told the channel that he saw his first tornado when he was just seven years old and had been fascinated by them ever since.

Over the past decade Gabrielson had driven more than 220,000 miles and witnessed more than 200 tornadoes, according to The Weather Channel.

Gabrielson wrote one last post on his Web site before he died: Chasing today in Southwest Oklahoma a few tornadoes seem possible.

Here are some video highlights of his top chases:

WARNING: Some of the videos contain strong language.