Warning: Shooting video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sammy Yatim, 18, from Toronto, Canada, was shot repeatedly and killed by a Toronto police officer early Saturday, July 27.

An amateur video captured the incident with the officer demanding Yatim to “drop the knife.”

Yatim responded to the officer “You’re a p---y. You’re a f---ing p---y.”

The officer then warned Yatim, “If you take one step in this direction with that foot, [inaudible] die."

Seconds later, the officer is heard saying “don’t move. Drop that kn---,” and suddenly opens fire, shooting several times at Yatim. After firing nine shots over 13 seconds into the streetcar, several officers approached it. The officer who opened fired is heard again shouting, “Drop the knife.”

A six-second Taser shot can also be heard being fired at Yatim after the officers approached the streetcar.

According to witness accounts told to CBC News, Yatim “pulled a knife and ordered everybody off the streetcar.”

The amateur video that captured the incident went viral over the weekend, sparking public outrage in Toronto, with hundreds holding a vigil and protest march in downtown Toronto on Monday, July 29.

At a press conference, Bill Blair, Toronto police chief, told reporters, “I am aware of the very serious concerns that the public has. I know people are seeking answers to what had occurred, why it happened and if anything could have been done to prevent the tragic death of this young man. I am also seeking answers to those important questions.”

According to a CBC report, the Toronto police officer who shot the teenager was suspended with pay.

The Ontario, Canada Special Investigations Unit, or SIU, is currently investigating the incident. The civilian agency is responsible for investigating incidents involving police and civilians that have resulted in death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault.