Stove Top unveiled on Monday its solution to providing people with an easier way to enjoy more of their Thanksgiving dinner through its "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants." The holiday-inspired pants boast a "Stuffin'-Stretch" waistband that will give wearers the ability to "eat in comfort." 

The food-focused holiday can be known to lead to overeating, despite the average stomach capacity being about 8 cups. Stove Top desires to help alleviate the problem of feeling stuffed through its limited-edition pants. The pants retailed at $19.98, but they sold out moments after becoming available online

"Stove Top has created Thanksgiving Dinner Pants: comfortable, stretch-waisted pants with a little bit of Stove Top style," Stove Top said in a Nov. 13 press release. "Family and friends will be envious of your level of comfort at the Thanksgiving table. The unisex, maroon pants feature an over the belly waistband, embellished with iconic Stove Top stuffing imagery and complimented by XXL stuffing print pockets."

Stove Top released a parody video to its YouTube page Monday to help promote the "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants." The video depicts a family that is struggling to regain comfort after feeling "stuck and restricted" from their "delicious, home-cooked meal." The family's frustration appeared to be diminished by the stretchy pants.

"You love having Thanksgiving dinner with your family and enjoying a second serving of a delicious, home-cooked meal," the video's narrator said. "But afterwards, you feel stuck and restricted in your uncomfortable jeans, khakis or slacks. You try to unbutton your pants for relief, but they're too tight. You're trapped!"

The spoofed infomercial video featured a variety of disclaimers but claims: "This is the stuff Thanksgiving is made of and the perfect way to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in comfort and style."