The new Subaru STi is bound to be popular -- just like previous editions of the famed all-wheel-drive sports car have been -- and Subaru is no stranger to limited edition vehicles. So it comes as little surprise that Subaru will sell 1,000 limited edition STis for 2015.

But here’s the kicke: Those cars will be the only ones available in the classic Subaru theme (WR Blue, gold wheels).

It’s a strange decision, considering the blue and gold color scheme has been synonymous with Subaru for more than 20 years. Why limit a signature style? Wheels can be repainted for a nominal fee so that won’t be an issue for those who can’t buy limited editions.

A body repaint is much more expensive, however.

The regular STis will come with everything else the limited editions get, so at least buyers won’t miss out on any performance. Perhaps this is part of Subaru’s plan to mature the STi demographic.