The New York Giants will receive their official Super Bowl championship rings on Wednesday night.

The rings, designed by Tiffany & Co., feature white gold, blue sapphires, and the design of four Lombardi Trophies to represent the four Super Bowls the franchise has won, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. The Giants last won a Super Bowl in 2007 and the team wanted to make sure that these rings were different.

After a few meetings, Tiffany came up with several different options that they showed us and you kind of picked from there, quarterback Eli Manning said in a statement. We wanted it to be little different than the last ring.

The inside of the ring also features the catch phrases Finish and All In that were heavily mentioned on the Giants' improbable run to the Super Bowl XLVI win over the New England Patriots. At one point it looked as if the Giants would miss the playoffs, but went on a stunning streak to the Super Bowl after a Union City poker player introduced the concept of going All In.

The team used the phrase frequently in practices, post-game comments, and more on the way to their run through the playoffs.

We definitely wanted 'Finish,' we definitely wanted 'All In,' Tuck said. Those were two things we prided ourselves on, not only during the season, but especially through the playoff run. And we won games that way. So we definitely wanted those in there.