Ohio Republican voters will elect their presidential nominee on Super Tuesday, March 6, along with nine other states. The state has 66 delegates to offer in its GOP primary contest.

The Ohio GOP nomination race is highly competitive with both frontrunners leading the race, according to different polls. The state is regarded as the most crucial among the Super Tuesday states and the winner here is expected to wrap-up the show.

According to the latest Suffolk opinion poll, Rick Santorum is leading in the state with 37 percent votes, followed by Mitt Romney at 33 percent of votes polled. Newt Gingrich is closely behind in the third place with 16 percent of votes and Ron Paul is placed fourth with 8 percent support.

However, according to a Quinnipiac poll, Romney leads the race with 34 percent and Santorum follows with 36 percent of votes. Gingrich gets 15 percent and Paul 11 percent of the votes polled.

Ohio voters can look up their voter registration status and other information here.

Registered Republican Party voters can vote in the primary, and all polling locations will close at 8:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. CST.  

Tennessee has a proportional primary and the winner will take most of the bound delegates if the candidate receives more than 66 percent of votes. Forty-eight delegates are awarded by congressional district on a winner-takes-all delegates basis.

Fifteen candidates are allotted to the delegate who scores two-thirds of the votes statewide or are awarded proportionately among the candidates who score at least 20 percent, in the case where no candidate gets two-thirds of the votes.

Unofficial results and live updates of the Ohio GOP presidential primary can be found here , here and here.