The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Washington Post’s website on Thursday, two days after the cyber soldiers supporting President Bashar al-Assad hijacked the New York Post staffers’ Twitter accounts.

Readers on some stories on the paper’s site were redirected to the hacker collective’s site, according to an editor’s note posted at 11:16 a.m.

“The Post is working to resolve the issue,” it said.

On Thursday afternoon, the Post said the hackers claimed they infiltrated the Post's site through Outbrain, an ad network used by the paper. Outbrain acknowledged the hack in a tweet.

The group hacked the New York-based social media firm SocialFlow on Tuesday afternoon, shutting down its entire website and giving it access to the New York Post’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Washington Post sports columnist Jason Reid’s Twitter account was also compromised.

Over the last few months, the Syrian Electronic Army, or SEA, has hacked websites and social media accounts run by NPR, Thomson Reuters, the Financial Times and the BBC.

Updated at 3:07 p.m. EDT with information about the Outbrain hack.