Hugh Grant Proud of 'Hacking' News of the World

Hugh Grant as David Cameron
Hugh Grant is very proud of his part in bringing down British tabloid News of the World by secretly recording his conversations with a former NOTW journalist revealing the tabloids sleazy snooping practices.
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Rupert Murdoch

Can Milly Dowler Cut Rupert Murdoch’s Power?

When people hear about tabloid journalism they think of stories filled with sensationalism and gossips. That's normal for celebrities or others used to the glitterati lifestyle, but not for an unknown teenager, Milly Dowler, 13, whose voicemail was allegedly hacked by journalists at Rupert Murdoch's News of the World.
Casey Anthony Trial

America Hates Idea of Paying for Casey's Book, Movie: Will Casey Anthony Rake in Money?

In unofficial internet poles, comment sections, Twitter, other social media majority of US citizens despise the idea of reading a book on Casey Anthony or watching a movie based on her life story. Apparently the public can't stand Casey Anthony even as a porn star.Porn kingpin Steven Hirsch and founder of Vivid Entertainment, had offered a lucrative deal to Casey for starring in his forthcoming feature film with liberty to choose her own costars. But the public proved him wrong. Hirsch has of...
Tyran Chuter

Tayrn Chuter wins Miss Montana 2011 title

Chuter, belonging to the native of Corvallis, Montana, won a $5,000 cash scholarship, plus $11,500 in applied scholarships and many prizes, including a silver service tea set that Mitchell Oil Field Service has been giving to Miss Eastern Montana or Miss Montana for 29 years.
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Obama agrees to candid photos

President Obama and The White House have agreed to let a single news photographer capture candid pictures during presidential speeches.

Sarah Palin loves to hate journalists: Top six anti-media comments

Sarah Palin is not known to have been generous in her remarks about media; neither has the fourth estate been kind towards her. Quite often she has expressed her frustration, anger and extreme distrust over how media portrays her and the themes that she loves. There is quite something that turns Palin against the media and vice versa. Here is a quick look at some of Palin's attack and snubs on media, mainstream as well as blogging sites:


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