Space station

Space Shuttle's Final Flight: End of Big Space Projects?

The last space shuttle flight does not mean the end of NASA sending humans into space. However, the era of big-ticket space projects that occurred during the Cold War is undoubtedly over, at least until the United States has eliminated its more than $14 trillion national debt.

Space Tourists To Launch In 2013

Space tourists will have the chance to strap in and fly to orbit beginning in 2013, as the company that sent up the first space tourists comes back from hiatus.

Russia halts space tours as U.S. retires Shuttle

Russia announced a halt to space tourism on Wednesday, saying it would struggle to ferry professional crews to the International Space Station after the U.S. mothballs its shuttle fleet this year.

Virgin sees space tourism as just the beginning

Long-haul trips could be made in spaceships instead of planes in 20 years' time if Virgin's efforts to commercialize space travel succeed, the president of Virgin Galactic told Reuters in an interview.