Windows 7 now 'simpler, faster': Ballmer

Microsoft Corp. formally unveiled Thursday its newest operating system, Windows 7, as the software giant hopes to breath new life into its Operating System product line. Steve Ballmer said the product was a result of an intense collaboration between Microsoft and its partners - 50,000 software, hardware, and peripheral vendors, as well as 8 million beta testers. See full story.

Microsft's retail store does look like Apple's

As Microsoft Corp. released its much-talked about Windows 7 operating system on Thursday, the software giant quietly opened its first retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona. The store itself bears similarities to that of Apples, with its relatively sparse layout and an Answer Bar to provide support for Windows users. See full story and video here.

Nokia slaps Apple with 10 patents infringement lawsuit

Nokia Corp., the world's biggest cellphone maker, said Thursday it had filed a lawsuit against smaller rival Apple, claiming that its iPhone infringes ten technology patents of Nokia. Nokia said 40 main handset vendors have licensed its technologies, but it has not reached agreement with Apple. See full story.

Amazon rolls out program to sync Kindle with PCs said on Thursday that digital books ordered for use on its Kindle electronic reader can now be read on personal computers. Amazon will provide a software application -- available next month as a free download -- that can convert Kindle books to PC-readable ones. See full story.