High School Senior Georgetta Wuo knows who she wants to take to prom: Minnesota Timberwolves basketball player Ricky Rubio.

The 18-year-old from Minnesota made a YouTube video asking the basketball stud to join her for the upcoming dance in four weeks.

Ricky Rubio was the first person I could think of because I love the Timberwolves, I love watching basketball and he's one of my favorite players, Wuo said.

While others have tried to get famous people to attend events with them -recently another Minnesota teenager, Mike Stone, asked porn star Megan Piper to the prom (she said yes, the school said no)- Wuo's wish might just be granted because Rubio's teammates wholeheartedly endorse the idea.

All Star forward Kevin Love thinks Rubio should go for it.

There's no game that night, said Love to WCCO. If Ricky's in town, I think he should go.

Point guard J.J. Barea thinks this will be an eye opening experience for the Spanish point guard.

I don't think he's ever been to prom, so I think it'd be fun for him, said point guard J.J. Barea.

Rubio has been sidelined for the season after tearing his ACL last month during a match against the LA Lakers.

Heck yeah, he should do it, Anthony Tolliver said to WCCO. Why not? He's not going to be doing anything!

He just came out of surgery so I don't know how that's going to go. The dancing might be a problem. But I think he could show up, dressed good and have some fun, I think it'd be good for him, said Barea.

Love said maybe putting some pressure on getting Rubio to go will be part of the rookie hazing.

We can see how much money we can get to put on the table to make him go, Tolliver said. I think he might go for the right price.

Rubio has not responded to the request yet.

No worries though, Wuo has a backup plan in case Rubio turns her down.

There's a guy that I would ask, she said to WCCO. I don't think he knows yet, I've been trying to drop hints, but I don't want to break his heart if Ricky says yes.