• The Wimbledon has officially been canceled 
  • This will be the first time the tournament has been called off since the second world war
  • Roger Federer reacted to the announcement via social media

Roger Federer currently holds the most Grand Slams among all male players with 20 overall. He’s solidified himself as the greatest competitor to step foot on the tennis court with how he has dominated throughout the years. The longevity of his career speaks volumes of how he’s different from everyone else. He’s proven to be an icon in the sports world with his elite skill and tremendous accomplishments.

He’s currently nursing a knee injury that has sidelined him for a huge part of the year. His recovery from his surgery and rehabilitation would have set him up for a Wimbledon return. He announced back then that he would bounce back during the grass-court season.

It was at first a feasible timetable that can help him add more titles to his already illustrious career. He’s a specialist on the grass-court as he’s had one of the greatest moments of his career on the surface. One of his most notable milestones was him beating Pete Sampras in a match that symbolized the passing of the torch.

Federer holds the record for most championships won in Wimbledon with 8 titles. At his age, he was even close to winning another title in last year’s tournament as he and Novak Djokovic endured a classic five-set thriller.

Unfortunately for the Swiss legend, the Wimbledon Championships have officially been canceled due to the threat of the coronavirus. This will be the first time since World War II that the event has been called off.

With the cancelation of The Championships, it will be one Grand Slam opportunity taken away from him. It will be a major blow to the tennis star as he’s already approaching his forties and would lose the chance to compete where he’s been most successful.

Federer took to social media to express his feelings on this major announcement. He quote tweeted Wimbledon’s post with the caption “Devastated” accompanied by a gif perfectly expressing what he’s going through right now.

Although it’s a tough decision on his end, Federer understands the urgency of the tournament to cancel the event. He responded to a tweet calling to prioritize public health over anything. “Absolutely, health and family,” he shared.

Has eight-time champion Roger Federer played for the last time at Wimbledon?
Has eight-time champion Roger Federer played for the last time at Wimbledon? POOL / Adrian DENNIS