• Roger Federer leads all male players with 20 Grand Slams
  • Federer is currently recovering from knee surgery
  • He revealed that he's still able to move well by posting a unique training video

Roger Federer is the best to ever step foot on the tennis court. His 20 Grand Slams speak for themselves as he’s accomplished the top of the sport’s mountain and is continuing to go above and beyond. He’s been the dominant player in the 2000s and isn’t looking back as he aims for a strong return when the tour resumes.

Federer is currently nursing his knee as he announced his surgery a few months back. He recently posted on his Twitter page that the knee looks fine for now as he shared a unique training routine for the fans. It was Federer against the tennis wall as he was practicing his trick shots on a snowy and icy surface.

The Swiss maestro is known to beat his opponents with the combination of speed, strength and cunning use of deceptive shots. He can hit his opponent with an explosive serve and immediately follow it up with a well-timed drop shot that would leave any player defenseless.

These trick shots come second nature to Federer as he’s able to hit these with ease. It goes to show how good he is as he puts on a combination of tweeners and behind the back shots on a bad knee on a dangerous surface. A fan pointed out that he’s doing it all despite the icy situation.

To which the legend noticed and quote tweeted it for everyone to see. “On Ice that would be nice,” he said.

To add to this, Federer also emphasized the importance of this difficult time we live in. He remains at home and was socially distant – setting a good example for everyone during this rapidly evolving situation. Federer takes the matter seriously as he and his wife Mirka have donated an estimated one million dollars to the families of Switzerland who are vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Federer continues to be rest as he was expected to return during the grass season once his knee fully recovers. His plan will have to face a slight change as the annual Wimbledon tournament will be canceled.

Roger Federer saved seven match points in his quarter-final against Tennys Sandgren
Roger Federer saved seven match points in his quarter-final against Tennys Sandgren AFP / William WEST