Abjure Details

We all have beliefs or policies that we strive to live by no matter our situation. Some may be long-term, while others are short-term, some may be our policies, while others may have been influenced on us by our acquaintances. We all have a particular way that we handle and maneuver around different situations in life. We often show this side of us to others without even saying them because they are very evident in how we live.

Some of us publicly air out our opinions and views on some topics, and we have the right to do so. Expressing our feelings is essential and part of what makes us human, no matter how they affect others. Changing our views on something no matter what we said earlier on is also acceptable. This change of opinion might involve taking back some words that we said wrongfully, and this action is called abjure.

We are human beings, and we are not always right since no one is perfect, no matter how intelligent they might be. We believe in things that we, later on, come to realize we're not as they seemed, and we end up revoking those beliefs. In business, you might have had a way in which you operate, and you stuck by it for a while. When you realize that the tactic or plan you had used was not effective, you are entitled to change it to a better tactic that suits your long-term goals and visions.

Example of Abjure

Imagine that you have been planning to expand your business recently since you have already dominated the territory you operate. As any other person would also do, the first thing you do is to make a strategy that will aid your expansion plan. Initially, the plan may sound solid and foolproof to some extent because otherwise, you wouldn't have approved it. The next step is to execute the plan that you have devised and wait for the results.

In the first few months, you realize that things are not going the way you wanted them to unfold, and many of your subordinates notice this too. Your associates suggest a change of plan because clearly, it is not working out as you had expected. Instead of changing it, you stick by it and continue believing that the tides will start to change in your favor after some time. The longer you continue executing your plan, the more losses you incur, and finally, you decide that enough is enough.

We all have our breaking points, a stage at which we can no longer sit down and continue to suffer. You finally devise a new and better plan and instruct workers to implement it as soon as possible. It shows that you have abjured your previous plan and decided to go with the new strategy that soon starts to bear fruits. It is a typical example of discarding your initial beliefs and following your news that serves your purpose better; this way, you abjured your old plans and adopted new ones.

Significance of Abjure

When you abjure something, it shows that you have had a change of heart and mind over a previous belief. We are constantly evolving, and with time, we all change, either for the better or for worse. It shows that whatever we believe now, we might end up not believing it sometime in the future, and it's acceptable. Abjuring shows that we can never remain the same no matter how rigid we try to be.

Business strategies are frequently changed to suit the vision of the company. Old processes are omitted, and new and better plans are devised to push towards the company's needs and necessities. You can say that the discarded strategies have been abjured, and some new ones initiated. To abjure therefore becomes very relevant when you want to change how you have been doing things to a new way that suits your needs better.