Affirm Details

It is part of human nature to speak our minds and be free to express our views on topics that might either be affecting us directly or not. However, to have this freedom doesn't necessarily mean that what we say is accurate and true. Sometimes people speak out of emotions like anger, malice, hatred, satisfaction, or others lie in a manner that benefits their argument. These emotions are part of what makes us human beings, but they influence what we say and do since they are what we are expressing.

Affirmation shows that what someone else has said is indeed true and accurate. To affirm is to forcefully and confidently back something or someone as true or valid in front of an audience.

In business, affirm could mean to validate a product, company, dealer, client, or even a competitor to be true or valid. Some may have doubts about a product or service offered by a certain business, and when this happens, it sends a bad impression to other customers or associates. When you affirm that the service is valid, you approve it to be trustworthy and of superior quality. To affirm in the business field is to approve that something is of good quality and is valid.

Example of Affirm

You are the associate of a pharmaceutical company that sells manufactured drugs and medical equipment. You are also a dealer in the pharmacy business, and your company deals with the supply of these medical supplements to hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries around your area of operation. The market at large trusts and recognizes the products you supply to be of good quality. The customers have good faith in the services that you provide for them.

Your associate's products also need to be distributed to the customers, but they are already used to your products because these are new drugs they don't trust the latest products. The best way you can help your associate is by making a good name for his company and talking up the quality of the products. In doing so, you would have approved that your associate's products are also of good quality. The customers will take your word because in the past you have delivered nothing less than quality products.

In this manner, you would have endorsed your associate's company to be valid and trustworthy. This shows that you have approved their products to be of as good quality as the ones you have supplied before. The action you have taken in this scenario is what we call to affirm your partner's company. This way, you would have created a good rapport between the buyers and the supplier you have endorsed.

Significance of Affirm

When you affirm something, you approve it to be valid before another party has doubts about it. It is essential when you are trying to convince the public to believe in something. This concept is popular in politics when a trusted party leader is trying to get his followers to support another one of his party members who might be vying for a certain government position.

Affirm is also used when you have tried to prove a theory or a concept to others who don't fully believe in it. In this case, you might ask for help from a third party whom the crowd believes to be genuine to help convince them that what you said is valid. It is easier to win over a new crowd or market when you have the backing of a person they trust in. The support they offer you to help convince the crowd is what is referred to as affirmation.