• The Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 version, which features superior detailing, has sold out
  • The 1:64 scale is still on the market
  • The 1:10 Cybertruck comes with a cracked window vinyl sticker

It's either got to be the magic of the Tesla brand name or CEO Elon Musk's charisma because on its own, that weird-looking thing called the Tesla Cybertruck wouldn't have gotten 535,000 reservations since its reveal on Nov. 21, 2019 at the Tesla Design Studio in California. Cybertruck pre-orders amounted to 5,873 per day since then, said Tesla.

A reservation costs a mere $100 and exceeding half a million pre-orders in just two months means there's more than $53 million in Tesla's bank account. That number is nothing to sneeze at for a company in constant need of cash. Industry sources said Cybertruck reservations have broken the record of 518,000 set by the Tesla Model 3 luxury sedan in 2017. The Model 3, however, got to this point in five months.

Leading U.S. toymaker Mattel, Inc. is banking on the Cybertruck's real world charisma to rub-off on the two remote-control scale models of Tesla’s electric truck it plans to introduce for the Christmas holidays. The Hot Wheels Cybertruck models come in 1:10 and 1:64 scale and cost $400 and $20, respectively, in the United States.

These are limited editions and Mattel said the hobby-grade $400 version has already sold out, Auto Evolution reported. The Hot Wheels Cybertrucks are also available in Canada and nowhere else outside the United States. Both versions were designed with help from Tesla.

The sold-out 1:10 model looks a lot more like the actual Cybertruck thanks to superior detailing and its larger size. It's a “hobby grade-radio-controlled vehicle that is off-road and rugged terrain capable.” It has functioning headlights and taillights, and two driving modes: “chill” and “sport.”

This machine has got all-wheel drive with proportional steering. The tonneau cover is functional and opens to reveal the interior details resembling the life-sized Cybertruck. The 1:10 also includes a telescopic tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp. It's got removable plastic body panels and a 9.9-volt rechargeable battery with 3,300 mAh.

Mattel says the body can be removed to reveal the “interior and access internal battery and drivetrain system.” The 1:10 Cybertruck even comes with a “cracked window vinyl sticker,” which is a tribute to the infamous mishap from the real truck’s big reveal by Musk.

On the other hand, the Cybertruck 1:64 model “can race on or off the iconic orange track.” This $20 version also has a Sport speed mode that allows it to zoom through a track loop. The 1:64 scale model has two-wheel drive instead of the three-motor powertrain setup. It's the size of a typical Hot Wheels car. It also has two driving speeds but fewer moving parts.

Remote controlled 1:10 Tesla Cybertruck from Mattel Remote controlled 1:10 Tesla Cybertruck from Mattel Photo: Mattel, Inc.