Heeding to the long-standing requests of customers, Tesla has finally launched a tow hitch for the Model 3. Right now, it will be limited to European markets.

Tow hitch was a prime request by Model 3 reservation holders and buyers. It was known that the feature is coming. On May 7, Tesla updated the Model 3 online configuration in Europe to incorporate a tow hitch option.

No retrofit of tow hitch for Model 3

However, Tesla will not retrofit Model 3 vehicles with a tow hitch. So, the only option is to have a custom order.

For an SUV like Model X, towing capacity already provided matters more compared to a mid-size sedan like the Model 3. Nevertheless, a small towing capacity for Model 3 will delight users. The tow hitch can come handy while installing a bike or ski mount.

As for pricing, in the U.K, it will cost the equivalent of $1,250. Tesla has said the offered towing capacity will be 910 kg or 2,000 pounds.

Stealth hitches are ahead in popularity and in the market, it sells solo as rack only package, towing package and combination tow and rack package.

The problem of third party tow hitch

Many Model 3 owners were tempted to opt for a third-party hitch. But the risk of road accidents and clashing with the manufacturer's warranty as no towing rating capacity would be specified by a producer.

In 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the customer demand on this and promised an optional tow hitch for the Model 3 will be coming. But there was a long wait.

Tesla’s efforts to fulfill that promise became apparent after some Tesla watchers spotted a Model 3 in late July 2018 doing a trial in California and Nevada with a U-Haul trailer.

Jeffrey Jessup in Beatty, Nevada flashed some pictures in the media confirming Tesla’s new tow hitch.

According to an expert, hitches should do justice to the versatility and dynamic drive of a vehicle.

For the Tesla Model 3, a perfect hitch must sync with its design. In the market, many stealth-hitch products are on offer and they are used by many auto brands including Tesla in 1¼-inch and 2-inch receiver sizes suiting cargo trays and bike racks.

GettyImages-Tesla Model 3
New Tesla Model 3’s exterior shown at the 2017 LA Auto Show in Los Angeles, California on November 29, 2017. MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

There is a high preference for hitch-mounted accessories that boost convenience. Roof racks often trigger concerns of interfering with aerodynamics. But loading accessories using stealth hitch eliminate vertical clearance issues and avoid any damage to Tesla or any other vehicle while loading and unloading.