Tesla’s Model 3 is the latest car creating a buzz with a starting price of $35,000. Tesla cars, in general, are known for build quality, design, efficiency, style and also for smart features. As it turns out, the build quality has helped five occupants of Tesla Model S survive a dreadful crash.

Along with four friends, an 18-year-old reportedly took her father’s Tesla Model S for a spin in Pullach, Germany. The car driver reportedly lost control when negotiating a turn in full throttle, because of which the car “flew 25 meters (82 feet) in the air,” crashed in a field and rolled over “at least once” at full speed, according to Electrek citing Merkur.

The photos show the brutality of this accident. At the same time, this accident also shows Tesla car’s noteworthy build quality. Just by observing the images, it’s clear that the front cabin / row is relatively clean even after such a crash. Plus, the glass door windows are unbelievably intact.

After the crash, the five occupants of the Tesla Model S reportedly got out of the car without the assistance from the first responders. However, the occupants suffered “serious but non-life-threatening injuries.” They were moved to a nearby hospital in a helicopter for treatment.

It is worth noting that, unlike other cars, the electric Tesla Model S does not house an engine at the front. This is predominantly why the front-end was able to observe and to an extent, limit the damage to just the hood of the car even after such a spectacular impact.

Meanwhile, Electrek pointed out the analogy used by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to explain the frontal “crumple zone” specific to Tesla cars — “it’s just like jumping into a pool from a high diving board — you want a deep pool and one without rocks in it.”

Musk re-tweeted this crash photo showing the crumpled Tesla Model S via his official Twitter account:

Rest of the detailed high-resolution crash photos can be checked out from Electrek.