Tesla survey results recently revealed that many of the company’s electric car owners love the vehicles for their features. However, many customers also noted that Tesla’s customer service is unsatisfactory. Here’s what we know about this.

According to the Bernstein survey results (via Teslarati), 87 percent of Tesla owners love their vehicles, an improvement from their 85 percent approval rating in 2018.

Moreover, two-thirds of these owners also confirmed that they chose an electric car over a “mainstream” vehicle, which meant that Tesla is also becoming popular in the luxury market.

While Tesla owners love their cars, the company's customer service seems to leave a lot to be desired. The Bernstein survey showed that only 42 percent of responders think Tesla’s service is “excellent.”

In the previous year, Tesla had a 57 percent approval rating for their customer service. The survey noted that the customers didn’t like the long wait for responses from the company.

Tesla has sought to improve its customer service by opening in-house body shops that are expected to repair and service any minor damages to Tesla vehicles. Meanwhile, Tesla also released a mobile app that informs the user about the repair progress on their car while it is still being worked on.

Potentially, Tesla may see some changes in their ratings once the new Model Y is released in the market. The unveiling of this new vehicle is set for March 14.

The upcoming car is an electric SUV that is aimed to compete with the no. 1 SUV in the American market, the Toyota RAV-4. Since the RAV-4 is considered to be one of the most affordable SUVs in the market, this could mean the Model Y would also be affordable and available to more people aiming to buy an electric car on a budget.

Moreover, the next generation Model 3 is also about to be released which could also be another variable that could tip the scales in favor of Tesla.

For now, we’ll have to wait if these ratings will help the company improve and when these new vehicles will be available for purchase.