With Tesla (TSLA) confirming that Model Y deliveries would begin in March, the electric carmaker has received its official EPA rating. The Model Y boasts a 315-mile driving range, which could make it the most efficient SUV produced to date.

The EPA rating is an increase of the previously expected driving range, which Tesla said was due to the “continued engineering progress.” The previous estimate for the Model Y was 280 miles on a single battery charge, according to Electrek.

The added driving range is EPA rated for both reeditions of the Model Y – the Long Range Dual Motor and Performance – but it does not designate which wheel option the rating is for.

The EPA has listed the new 315-mile driving range on its website, confirming the efficiency of the electric SUV. Other ratings granted to the Model Y include an efficiency rating of 121 MPGe for combined city and highway driving. City driving is rated at 129 MPGe and highway driving is rated at 112 MPGe.

On its website, the EPA allows comparison of Tesla’s Model Y to its smaller Model 3 sedan, showing that the SUV, despite its larger size, is more energy efficient and has a longer driving range.

Tesla said in its announcement about the increased driving range that the Model is “the most energy-efficient SUV in the world.”

Shares of Tesla stock were up 1.54% as of 3:20 p.m. EST on Thursday.