Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke to New York City Republicans on Tuesday night, revealing little about his potential candidacy.

Gov. Perry is widely regarding as a game-changer in the Republican field. He originally said that he would not consider a presidential run, but has since displayed uncertainty rather than affirmation.

He's known for saying, 'You're Fired!' Perry said, referring to Donald Trump who was supposed to be the keynote speaker at the fundraising dinner. Trump decided not to speak at the event after announcing his decision not to run in 2012.

We're known for saying, 'You're Hired!' That's what we do in Texas! added Perry, who cited government statistics that indicate Texas is responsible for 48 percent of the jobs created in the United States over the past two years.

Although he gave no concrete answer as to whether or not he will run, Perry highlighted his track record and criticized President Barack Obama.

This administration considers profit to be a dirty word, he said.

Also, Perry asked attendees to text the work leadership to a cell phone number in order to receive information about his ideas for reform. It is common for campaigns to do this as a way to build a list of supporters.

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