Thai soldiers stand guard as roads are blocked around the Victory Monument where anticoup protesters were gathering on previous days in Bangkok, May 29, 2014. Reuters

Thailand's military junta on Monday canceled meetings with Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) that were arranged to discuss content the military deems anticoup.

The junta initially planned on traveling to Singapore and Japan to meet with Google and Facebook on ways to censor content on the search engine and social media site it said is anticoup.

But according to Facebook and Google, the Silicon Valley companies decided not to show up for the meetings, not that the junta called the meetings off.

“At this point, things look fine, so there is no need to make any trip now,” Pisit Pao-In, an adviser to Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, told the Wall Street Journal.

The Thai military took control of the country in a May 22 coup that had been criticized for its roundup of political officials and restrictions on media. Before the meeting with Google and Facebook was canceled, Pao-In explained to Reuters what the junta was looking for from the companies.

“We do not ask them to install any additional software. We just ask them to help filtering content,” he said.