China's Yutu 2 rover has sighted a mysterious “house” while driving across the Von Kármán crater during the mission's 36th lunar day. 

The rover, which landed on the moon in January 2019, sent back images of a cube-shaped object it spotted last month roughly 262 feet on the horizon to the north, according to a Yutu 2 diary published by the Chinese media channel “Our Space.” The rover is expected to reach the object in another two to three months, the post noted. 

“We have an update from Yutu 2 on the lunar far side, including an image of a cubic shape on the northern horizon [about] 80 meters away from the rover in Von Kármán crater. Referred to as 'mystery house,' the next 2-3 lunar days will be spent getting closer to check it out,” Andrew Jones, a journalist tracking China's space program, said in a Tweet.

China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) describes the object as a “mysterious hut,” a temporary name for the object as scientists wait to discover what it actually is. A likely explanation for the shape would be a large boulder that has been excavated by an impact event, noted.

China landed Yutu 2 on the far side of the moon as part of its unmanned Chang'e 4 mission. The rover's journey has involved hill-climbing and moving through rocky terrain in the Von Kármán crater, CBS News reported. 

Photos of the “hut” have been widely shared on Twitter with people trying to uncover what this moon cube could be.