Chick-fil-A is making changes to its menu that will eliminate two items on April 26.

Both the Sunflower Multigrain Bagel and decaf Thrive Farmers coffee will be disappearing as the company looks to shore up its menu, a Chick-fil-A spokesperson told Fox News.

“Later this spring, we will remove two items from the national menu, the bagel and decaf hot coffee, as well as consolidate several of our size offerings,” the spokesperson told the news outlet.

This is not the only overhaul that Chick-fil-A is making to its menu. The chicken chain will change up its kids’ nugget meal into a five-piece meal (instead of six or four nuggets). The restaurant is also reducing the sizes of its coffee, milkshakes, and ice cream cones, Business Insider reported.

The menu changes were first tested in select restaurants in Arizona and Charlotte, North Carolina, back in January, where Chick-fil-A also removed it Chick-n-Strips, Grilled Cool Wrap, and side salad from the menu, which could allude to future eliminations.

However, Chick-fil-A added Spicy Chick-n-Strips, a Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich, and the Spicy Chick-n-Strips Biscuit to the menu in the place of the items it removed as part of the test trial.

While many fast-food restaurants have pared down their menus during the pandemic, Chick-fil-A said that its decision to eliminate the Sunflower Multigrain Bagel and decaf Thrive Farmers coffee is not related to the COVID crisis.

"Streamlining our menu will allow for us to continue providing our customers the quality food and service they’ve come to expect, as well as make room for new future menu items,” Chick-fil-A said.

The need to simplify chain restaurant menus during the pandemic is a move to make operations easier during the higher-than-normal demands for drive-thrus and takeout orders. Both fast-food chains McDonald’s and Taco Bell cut down their menus, removing a number of items at the height of the COVID crisis.

A Chick-fil-A logo is pictured at one of its restaurants on July 28, 2012, in Bethesda, Maryland. Mandel Ngan/AFP/GettyImages