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Music superstar Janet Jackson supposedly has a secret love child, her ex-husband claimed. Above, the singer is pictured in 2009. Getty Images

While there are many songs that have hard-hitting beats, there is one song's music video in particular that actually had the power to bring down some laptops.

The 1989 hit from Janet Jackson, "Rhythm Nation," had the ability to crash some older hard drives, according to Microsoft.

The song, which won accolades such as a Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video, hit so hard at such a frequency that it was found to crash certain models of laptops.

In a Microsoft blog post, Software Engineer Raymond Chen explained the phenomenon, saying that not only did playing the song crash the laptop it was playing on, but it also crashed those laptops sitting nearby even if the computer wasn't actually playing the video.

Chen explained that Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" contains "one of the natural resonate frequencies for the model of 5400 rpm" used in Windows-era hard drives.

Chen said that one computer manufacturer, which Engadget identified as The Mitre Corporation, discovered the issue in its laptops and also in competitor models. Mitre called it a security vulnerability, which could allow hackers to force the system to crash using the audio signal from the Jackson song, Sky News reported.

To remedy the problem, and to ensure that Jackson fans can continue to enjoy the tune without interruption or hard drive issues, a custom filter was added to the audio pipeline to detect and remove the offending frequencies during audio playback.

Today, a "do not remove" sticker has been placed where the filter is located inside laptops.