• Justin Thomas said he stops by Tiger Woods' home "two or three times a week" when he's back in Florida
  • Thomas said the hiatus has allowed Woods to strengthen his relationship with his children
  • An earlier report said that the 15-time major champion is determined to make his return as soon as possible

A PGA Tour star who has been regularly visiting Tiger Woods has shared a new update on the golf legend.

Former world no. 1 player Justin Thomas, whom Woods has become close friends with over the years, has been a frequent visitor to the 15-time major champion's house in Jupiter, Florida, as he recovers from the injuries he sustained in his February car crash.

During an appearance on the “No Laying Up” podcast, Thomas revealed that the 45-year-old has been “doing well,” though every day seems to be the “exact same thing” for Woods. He also shared that Woods' golf hiatus has allowed him to spend more time with his children, 14-year-old Sam and 12-year-old Charlie, and bond with them.

“I’d say I probably go over and see [Woods] two or three times a week when I’m home,” Thomas said. “I go over there more so to let our dogs play and hang out — it wears our pup out. But yeah, he’s doing well. Especially all things considered, I think he’s…I mean, it’s Groundhog Day, every day’s the exact same thing for him.”

“But at least he’s able to — pictures were going around of him at [his son] Charlie’s tournament, [his daughter] Sam’s soccer tournaments here and there,” he continued. “He’s able to be a dad somewhat again, which is most important.”

As for Woods’ personality and how he’s approaching his current situation, Thomas bared that the 82-time PGA Tour winner hasn’t really changed much.

“He’s still his sarcastic a—— self so nothing has changed there, so I’m glad to see that he’s still chipper as always,” he added with a laugh.

Tiger Woods (L) and Justin Thomas celebrate winning their match on day two
Tiger Woods (L) and Justin Thomas celebrate winning their match on day two AFP / William WEST

The injuries Woods sustained in his Feb. 23 accident in Southern California included comminuted open fractures to both the tibia and fibula bones in his right leg, which required immediate surgery. He also had smaller injuries to the ankle and foot.

Woods previously admitted that while he has endured a lot of pain throughout his career, the injuries he sustained during his car crash were “more painful than anything I have ever experienced.” Fortunately, he was joined by his family while in rehab.

Prior to Thomas’ recent update, an earlier report said that Woods’ kids have been instrumental to his recovery. Moreover, he is also aware of how important it is for him to return and compete again.

"Being a dad has helped him [Woods] stay focused on his recovery," an insider told People last month. "At times, it's been very difficult for him both physically and mentally. His leg injuries caused him extreme pain. He is a fighter and has been determined to get better though."

"He knows when he wants to return, and he's going to make it happen," the source added. "He says even if he's not at 100%, he knows how important it is to get back out there and compete. That's his goal."

It is still unclear when Woods will make his next appearance.